The Act LW is not a bigger twintip: it’s a performance instrument to blast in conditions that were simply unrideable with your normal twintip.

Swap frustration with shear exhilaration and become eager on riding in 7-15 knots!

Not just because you can ride, but because you’ll be boosting upwind, jumping, riding switch, do board-offs, rotations and finally work on the trick that you’ve dreamt about but never felt comfortable pulling in 25 knots.

Double your sessions, crank up your progress and become part of this magical side of the sport.

If you want the versatility of a twintip in light winds, the Act LW is the perfect addition to your quiver.

Knock off 5 knots of your kites’ low-end or ride new extremes down to an absolute 5 knots with a dedicated lightwind kite.

The Act LW looks impressive, but we know for a fact: the moment you ride this deck is the moment you’ll completely forget about its dimensions.

Riding The Act LW you’ll experience that comfort, control and performance can work together for a naturally vivid feel!

Deck-Only: € 399,-
Complete: € 599,-

110mm extra large center fin: €40

158 x 44


The 5th fin in the center of the heelside creates extra grip and control to go upwind and keep the board on track.

Available for the The Act LW are two different sizes of center fins.

The big 110mm fin is the true performance machine: By using the surface of the fin instead of the rail, you’re able keep line tension and glide in the lightest breezes with minimal water displacement. A sensational feeling of efficiency combined with the ease of use typical to twintips.

Freedom of movement over ultimate performance? Use the smaller 35mm fin so The Act rides like your typical twintip but with benefits!



For a lightwind board surface area matters, but a bigger board doesn’t have to be a heavier board!

By using a clever combination of foam and Paulownia wood to build the boards core we managed to keep the weight down.

This reduces swing weight dramatically so switching to toe-side, jumping or rotations are very comparable to your regular twintip.


We did not underestimate the importance of well-fitting high-quality straps, pads, handle and fins. It’s your only contact with the board, so they better be good! Built with a clever all-in-one construction so they are extremely easy to mount or adjust and don’t weigh the board down!

Placing the inner inserts for the narrowest stance closer to the heel side enhances comfort and control for our featherweight warriors.

Don’t worry if our straps don’t work for you, they are sold separately so you can cheat on us with other brands.


Adjustable Straps

Find the perfect setup for your stance and shoe size with 5 radial and 4 axial options.


G10 Fins

Full G10 epoxy/glassfiber pressed tech fins; proven to be the most durable choice for twintip fins. The Act is equipped with:

– 4 x 50mm fins for the best control/fun ratio
– 35mm center fin for allround freeride with added upwind drive.

– 110mm center fin for maximum upwind performance and racing capabilities.


Comfort Pads

The fully padded strap works for a wide variety of shoe sizes and insteps and even the biggest sizes have full protection on the sides with our neoprene side-protectors. Our pads are comfy, very comfy. With a small toe-bar to ensure you won’t lose your board boosting high.

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