Waves, shaking the coast, creating an everlasting changing landscape as they come and go. Colliding with the wind they convey the spark, fueling your every next move.

It’s at that specific time and place where nothing else matters. The Root pays tribute to the magic of being at the right place at the right time.

So get out there, get in there and ride what’s yours.


The Root is a versatile surfboard that keeps surprising in all conditions 90% of riders face.

While using a surfboard for kiting, planing and water displacement play crucial roles. Developed with insights from everything that is currently changing in surfboard shapes, we designed The Root to be a planing champ.

Typical Root lovers:

Those who see the sea in angles and perspective, who are happiest around solid ocean swells creating lines of their own.

5’0″ – 17,6L – Width 43,5cm
5’2″ – 20L – Width 45cm
5’4″ – 22L – Width 46,4cm
5’6″ – 24L – Width 47,9cm

€849 complete with fins (straps not included)
Straps: €29,95 per strap



A deep concave running over the full length of the bottom transforming into a single channel at the tail creates a highly efficient water flow. An even deeper concave in the nose, combined with some extra kick provide comfortable control in big waves. All these concaves combined smooth out most of the chop.

The Root v2 has gotten a sharper rail and channel. This brings the volume of the board down to make it even more maneuverable and snappy in the waves. The lower volume means that smaller sizes will now better suit lighter and female riders.

Also we’ve increased the nose rocker to help you rip some serious surf and ride even smoother in choppy conditions.


Nowadays surfboards are used more and more on those flat days: the new shapes and their better swing weight work really well for that discipline.

We’ve complimented The Root’s freestyle genes with a grab rail on both sides from front to back.

With the v2, upgraded production techniques have led to an even more articulated channel and grab rail. In addition to this we were able to make the board significantly lighter without sacrificing on durability.



We heard you! The Root v2 comes with inserts and optional straps. The choice between straps and strapless is now up to you.


– The Root comes mounted with a full deckpad that has an under foot arch for great positioning.

– A set of 5x glass honeycomb-bamboo fins to surf The Root either thruster or quad comes standard. Having both options means choosing between a thruster setup for those perfect days where you can turn with great fury or having fun on the quad when the waves are a little low and lazy.

No compromises.


Straps should work with you not against you. We get that. That’s why we made straps that are super comfortable, adjustable to suit all feet, universal, and easy to travel with without dismounting.

Not bad right?
Price: €29,95 per strap


This is not a jellyfish!

The Portuguese Man o’ War is a wonder of nature, composed of 4 types of polypoids. (It’s a colonial organism made up of 4 specialized individual animals of the same species!)

Every polypoid fulfills their own task like defense (the tentacles), reproduction, feeding and even proper sailing! With the sail inflated they turn and angle the sail to cover vast distances. (even upwind) In case of threats the sail is deflated to submerge for a while.

A “killer” symbiosis on a killer surfboard..  so ride what’s yours!

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