The design-goal for the TEN Wunder Bar: a deceivingly simple but very complete kitesurfing control bar. The bar is the sole connection to the kite and could very well be the most engineered piece of equipment in your kit.

On the other hand, bars always seem to be underestimated by their users, which to us is ironic and a challenge at the same time. An assembly of over 50 parts all working as one: some invisible, some obvious and some that may seem insignificant until you leave them out. All working in an extreme contradiction: handling all the kite power while being as low-profile as possible.

With our 10 years’ expertise as kite repair and kitesurfing shop we gained a lot of experience over different bar designs/systems including their advantages and their downsides.

We wanted the Wunder Bar to be:

– universal for any brand with a 4-line system
– customizable in line-lengths for freeride, freestyle, wave riding
– safe in any configuration
– surfboard friendly
– durable
– simple

The outcome is simply Wunderbar!

Sizes: 45cm & 52cm
Retail: €349




Tangle free pigtails
The longer and more rigid the pigtail, the less prone to tangle while running out your lines. Because we all know: it’s those last impatient moments that seem to matter the most.

So we sleeved a full dyneema line inside the dyneema pigtail, making them very rigid and super easy to (de-) attach. Plus our pigtails are 4 times the common length, so 4 times less trouble.

In order to match all different brands line-attachments we made our pigtails interchangeable to virtually any set-up.


Specially spliced lines / extensions
The Wunder Bar comes standard with 20m +3m extensions.
23m is perfect for all styles and has best power/ responsiveness -ratio
20m is perfect for waveriding, extreme kite loops and powered freestyle.

And it’s also a sleeveless bar!
No sleeves equal butter smooth untangling and no kink just under the sleeve that inevitably turns into a breaking point.



Optional High-V
In order to work for both low-V and High-V type kites we equipped the Wunder Bar with a ring to switch between the two. Simply pull the line through and you’re good!

Single-line safety applies for both low- and high-V configuration.



Trimmer bracket
For uncompromised single frontline safety and (de-)powering.

Full stainless steel: durable and reliable.

Just passed the bracket the first 7 meters of leader lines are twice as thick and rigid. Making the recover from an QR-eject a lot safer and easier. We believe it’s those little details that matter the most for you in gnarly situations.


Clam cleat + supermagnets
A heavy duty stainless steel clam cleat for effortless (de-)powering.

To keep it from swinging the excess rope+pull tab is easily stored on the clam cleat with strong magnets.
Together with the bungee in the depower cord the Wunder Bar trim system is discrete yet fully functional in use.



Abrasion resistent depower cord
We fitted the Wunder Bar with a pair of 3000kg depowercords. (That’s over 6000 kg breaking strength in total!)

This extremely abrasion resistant depowercord will last far beyond your expectations. But wait, there is more! Inside the black cord is a hidden second cord for the unstoppable ones.

We’ve used 2x 2600kg double braided tightly woven and waxed Dyneema, with an extra 500 kg Dyneema line as core.


Soft bar-ends with bungees
A lot nicer to your head, surfboard or fingers, soft bar ends simply make more sense. With 2 bungee cords for tangle free line storage.



Quick Release with manual swivel
The Wunder Bar is equipped with a simple push-away quickrelease, because the simplest systems often work best.

Easy to assemble and stays fully functional even in gnarly sandy conditions.
A manual swivel is located on top of the quick release, works every time!


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