A kite for all kiters who want to have fun kiting, simple and pure.

The Pinna is a mate that fuels every fun-driven session and helps you on every new trick you’re working on. Not the big mouth kind of kite that brags with its performance.

He is very, very capable, just more the modest kind of type, a true gentleman.

With a solid consistent feel in turns and power strokes, the Pinna gives you the confidence to focus on and improve your riding.

A big sweet spot for jumping and easy soft landings come standard, be prepared for some serious lift and airtime if you’ve gained or got the experience to challenge the Pinna!

Built around a rock solid 3 strut-platform it’s a tough one to get out of the sky and extremely easy to get back flying after an unwanted touchdown.

His excellent low-end and wide windrange will make a perfect 2 kite quiver for all types of riders.

All of the above combined with a very good drift make the Pinna an extremely stable and smooth waveriding tool, so you can focus on the wave.

A well balanced allround kite, smooth in every move. The Pinna asks for little but gives you everything.

Typical Pinna lovers:

Allrounders, waveriders, freeriders and rookie pilots with the ambition to rock.

4 m2 – € 759

5 m2 –
€ 799

6 m2 –
€ 849

7 m2 – € 889

8 m2 – € 929

9 m2 – € 969

10 m2 – € 1009

11 m2 – € 1049

12 m2 – € 1089

13 m2 – € Sold Out



Go double for less trouble!

We chose a double ripstop canopy from the Japanese manufacturer Sakai Techfibre. The only canopy 100% produced in Japan, intensively tested and proven extremely durable.

Sushi chef-precision combined with ninja-powers!


Rapid Valve

It’s 2019 people, the age of tiny inflate valves is over.

So of course we equipped our kites with a big inflate: the Rapid Valve! The big diameter means the easiest inflation possible and no (special) nozzle needed!


Smart construction

In kites: weight doesn’t just matter, it’s crucial!

Crafting a kite means striving for the best ratio in weight / strength.

After 5 years of repairing over 10.000 kites we’ve learned a thing or two about wear and tear, so we only added the necessary for optimized durability.

Stripped of bulky bumpers or big areas of dacron you get the optimal flying experience.


What fascinated us initially was the complexity of feathers. Their design is extremely smart and shows there’s still a universe of innovation ahead of us. The anatomy of the barbs, creating a vane, creating a feather, specifically designed for his place in the birds wing ultimately make for an extremely efficient, super smart design, perfected over millions of years.

By using the image of a digitalized and squared bird’s wing for the side of the kite we show the strength and compromise of using digital techniques to design and build a wing. Nothing beats nature, but we aim to come as close as possible.

Where most kites feel like screaming billboards, we chose to design the kite with a clean and open approach. Exactly that absence of abundance makes the Pinna stand out in the crowd.

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